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autumn in your garden

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Autumn is the preparation for dormancy season for many plants. For this reason summer active grasses & plants should be fertilised with products that tent to store up plant energy rather than expend it with rapid growth.

Once leaves start falling they should be cleaned up to avoid setting up an environment ideal for fungus or pest attack.

Early autumn while ground is still warm, is a good time to seed new lawn or patch holes in existing lawns.

Woody hedges and plants can be renovated in the cooler later part of autumn. Standard roses may be shortened if very high to avoid canes being snapped by strong winds.

Couch lawns will need to be cut a bit higher to avoid loss of colour during winter.

If autumn is wet with long periods of leaf wetness i.e. 11 hours or more lawns should be checked periodically for fungal problems and sprayed if necessary.

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