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frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to prune a tree and if so how often?

A: All trees require some pruning to retain their health i.e. to remove dead or dying limbs and or root suckers. Some trees if they are fruit bearing will require pruning to regulate height, remove water shoots and thin out some of the fruit quantity. The golden rule is little and often.

Q: What is causing moss to grow on my lawn?

A: Moss will never grow on a healthy patch of grass. poor drainage is usually the reason the grass dies off and moss grows on lawns. Poor drainage is usually the result of soil compaction and water logging and can be remedied by first removing the moss then coring and conditioning the soil.

Q: What is the best lawn to grow?

A: When choosing the best suited lawn for your garden you need to consider a few things i.e. drought tolerance – how much water it needs, Shade tolerance – how much shade the grass will actively grow in, its wear factor i.e. is it dog proof, its tolerance to pests and disease and the ongoing cost of maintaining it. After answering these questions you are then ready to seek out the best lawn for your garden.

Q: How much does it cost to cut a lawn?

A: The cost to cut a lawn would depend on how much edging there was, how often it was cut, and the grass type that was being cut. It would therefore need to be quoted individually. With that in mind the average price to cut a lawn would be about $30.00

Q: I will be renting out my property. What should I do about the maintenance of my lawn & garden?

A: From experience, don’t leave the responsibility to the tenant. We can put in place a maintenance program to take care of every area of your garden from lawn, hedges, shrubs, Irrigation, winter pruning, weed spraying and many other facets of general gardening maintenance.

Q: What is the best way to control weeds in my garden?

A: The most effective ways to control weeds in the garden are a combination of spraying small weeds, hand weeding larger weeds to prevent seed drop and mulching to suppress initial weed growth.

Q: What is the cost to maintain an average size lawn and garden on a fortnightly basis?

A: The average cost to keep a garden maintained would be about $55- 60 Per fortnight however it would be subject to the garden type and waste removed from site.

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