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Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care has excelled in garden maintenance since 2005. The business was born out of a realisation that customers wanted a proficient gardener that did more than provide mowing services and rubbish removal. Since then, our goal remains to be the best garden maintenance Adelaide has to offer.

Why pick Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care? Because we really do care about your lawn and garden.


You do the dreaming, we do the gardening. Get your weekend back!

We service a wide range of properties including residential homes, strata corporation, Aged Care Facilities and commercial businesses.

At Allingtons, we specialise in Total Lawn & Garden Management Systems, Irrigation Restoration & Modification Systems and Turf Rejuvenation Systems. You’re in good hands.








Not fond of gardening?

Do you hate losing your weekends to mowing an overgrown lawn and fighting off an invasion of weeds?

Let us help. Call us and put the weekend back in your life.

Fond of gardening?

But don’t find the time to do what you actually enjoy in the garden?

We work alongside our clients ensuring their time spent in their garden is quality time. We’ll help you enjoy what you want to do in your garden—without your joy being lost under a never-ending workload.

Our Promise to You

Choose Allingtons for the best garden maintenance Adelaide has to offer!

100% Satisfaction Rate

At Allingtons, we work on a 100% satisfaction rate, following up on anything that would affect a positive outcome for our clients.

Customer Care

We listen to our clients, and tailor their garden maintenance so it is specific to their needs.

Friendly, ethical team

Our team is friendly, ethical and fully trained in all aspects of garden maintenance and care.

12-Month Guarantee

We guarantee all our irrigation parts and labour for 12 months with no call out fee. We use Australian Standards Approved parts.

We invite our customers to share openly with us. We’re committed to rectifying anything that gets in the way of a harmonious working relationship. Then and only then, can we truly aspire to our goal of “garden maintenance excellence”.

Garden Maintenance Adelaide’s Finest

We are passionate about fruit trees and spend a lot of time and effort helping our clients develop their orchards. We have been pruning fruit trees for many years now, and take great delight in knowing our clients’ crops have been bountiful. It would be a thrill to share our knowledge with you and to assist with bird-netting soil improvements.

These days an irrigation system is no longer seen as a luxury, but a necessity if you are serious about your garden and the cost of water. Allingtons can help you install irrigation controllers, drip line and we specialise in Smart irrigation weather stations and sensors.

Pop-up sprinklers need to be checked periodically to ensure they are working properly and dripper systems or drip line systems should be flushed and checked to ensure they are functioning as they should.

Whether it’s lawn maintenance, pruning, hedging, irrigation repairs or general gardening, if you are looking for a great gardener or thinking of garden maintenance, why not give us a call. Let’s have a chat about your garden.

We truly believe Allingtons have the best garden maintenance Adelaide has to offer.

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