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Become a Franchisee

Interested in owning your own Allingtons franchise? Fantastic! You’ll find all you need to know below. We recommend reading through each section but you can also use the quicklinks to navigate your own way.

(The information on this webpage is also available as a downloadable Franchise Brochure, which you can download below.)


Beyond Training: Personalised Mentoring
Customised & Professional Equipment
Business Planning & Marketing
Multiskill Training
Strategic Alliances
Personal Satisfaction & Building Business Equity
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Beyond Training: Personalised Mentoring

Our goal is to provide you with some of the most comprehensive training in the industry and to also provide regular guidance to ensure your success.

We will work closely with you over the first 12 months so that you know how to manage seasonal tasks that can only be practised at specific times of the year.

You will also enjoy ongoing training both in-house and from third-party professionals.

Become a Franchisee, Personalised Training

You’re not alone. And you won’t be left floundering.

Your success is important to us and as we are only building a small team, we are readily available to assist you.

Customised & Professional Equipment

Yes, a bad tradesperson may blame the tools. But a good tradesperson knows the best tools and how to use them well.

With 20 years of hands-on experience, we know the best equipment for the job and we set you up with reliable and durable machinery and proven products. Our custom designed, ergonomic trailers provide you with a solid easy-to-use platform to store and manage your equipment safely and securely. (Please note: not all tools shown in images on this site and the downloadable brochure are part of the package.)

Franchise Brochure, Become a Franchisee

Your equipment includes…

  • Custom-built trailer, and full trailer and vehicle signage
  • Lawn mower brush cutter and blower
  • Hedger, chainsaw and assorted pruning hand tools
  • Pole hedger and pole chainsaw
  • Wolf garden tool system
  • Gardening hand tools
  • Irrigation tools, tool bag and parts with storage boxes
  • Spraying equipment
  • P.P.E. and safety equipment
  • Uniforms and wet weather gear
  • Stationery

Business Planning & Marketing

For a business to be successful and progressive, we believe it requires a range of marketing tools and the knowledge and experience in how to use them to your advantage.

That’s why we use the following in our marketing strategy:

Allingtons trailers are not only ergonomic and functional, but we have utilised every inch of the trailer and ute signage to produce a high visual signboard, projecting clear brand messaging and a fresh contemporary presence—all to give our team excellent brand positioning.

A central go-to web presence is also a vital tool in attracting new clients and interacting with the general public and our existing clientele. With relevant blogs, topical resources and informative news priming our general public’s interest, it serves as both a point of contact and a springboard for new and repeat business.

Facebook is also a necessary platform these days to attract new clientele and engage with existing clients by keeping our brand front of mind to our target audience, keeping people connected to the service we provide.

Pinterest is also a big presence on the net; in fact, the fastest growing social media platform in Australia. We are building up a graphic display of Allingtons work and content relevant to our business—all part of keeping our clients aware of who we are and what we do.

Google Ads are utilised within targeted areas when we are campaigning aggressively.

Local paper advertising is still effective when used strategically with certain demographics in the public domain.

Promotional flyers still have a place in the overall marketing of a business when used wisely, and when they convey professionalism.

Yellow Pages still offer a presence in the market place, mostly online these days.

Word of mouth will also be one of your best forms of advertising. That’s why we encourage our franchisees to hand out business cards and fridge magnets to friends and new clients, and to produce high–quality work.

Franchisees all have their own personalised Allingtons email address to reflect the professionalism of the Allingtons brand.

Franchisees contribute regular fees to Allingtons Advertising Account, which is used for advertising and marketing the franchise system. Franchisees may also fund their own periodical seasonal advertising.

We may review and adjust our marketing strategy from time to time, including removing or adding marketing tools based on their value to the Allingtons system.

Multiskill Training

You will become expert at a number of skilled tasks. This will enable you to earn an income from a variety of opportunities, which is a huge advantage by leveraging what we can do for our clients while fostering their loyalty. It is much more profitable to offer more to fewer clients than to offer less to more clients.

Become a Franchisee, Multiskill Training
Become a Franchisee, Multiskill Training
Become a Franchisee, Multiskill Training

Some of your new skills will be:

  • Irrigation maintenance, design and installation
  • Quoting your work
  • Programming garden maintenance
  • Fruit tree, ornamental tree and rose pruning
  • Tree removal and re-establishment
  • Turf management including mowing, edging, coring, scarifying, and the many other facets of turf care
  • Chainsaw operation and tree cutting
  • Chainsaw operation and tree cutting
  • Hedging and maintaining topiary plants
  • Spraying pests and weed control
  • Fertilising plants and turf
  • Understanding mulching and soil types
  • Running your business bookkeeping and accounts
  • Customer relations and service provision
  • Marketing and business growth

Strategic Alliances

We have access to some of the best products and suppliers in the industry. Coupled with our specialised support and alliance with nationally recognised horticultural training providers, we can be sure that we’ll all enjoy the fruits of success from a winning team.

Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care, Franchise

Personal Satisfaction & Building Business Equity

Not just a job!

There are few things more rewarding than building your own business. The benefits are many but here we name a few…

• Be your own boss.
• Work your own hours.
• Enjoy a better work/life balance.
• Love what you do.
• Build your own team.
• Manage your own clientele.

We believe in rewarding our franchisees with the opportunity to build business equity. Yes, provided you meet our requirements, you can build up and sell off part of your very own new business territory. In this sense, you’re more than a franchisee. You’re an Allingtons partner.

Limited Franchises Available. Call us Today!

We are about quality, not quantity. For this reason, there are only limited franchises available. Call us today.


Download these PDFs for further information. The first is our Franchise Brochure, a hardcopy version of the contents on this webpage. The second covers important information in terms of the rewards and risks associated with becoming a franchisee.

Franchise Brochure [PDF] (430 downloads)
Information Statement for Prospective Franchisee [PDF] (398 downloads)

Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care, Leaf Icon


If you’d like to become a franchisee or you have questions about anything related to it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can either email me directly, call me on 1300 556 687 or use the contact form to drop me a line.

I look forward to hearing from you.

David Allington

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