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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we’re asked most.

  • All trees require some pruning to retain their health i.e. to remove dead or dying limbs and or root suckers. Some trees if they are fruit bearing will require pruning to regulate height, remove water shoots and thin out some of the fruit quantity. The golden rule is little and often.

  • Moss will never grow on a healthy patch of grass. poor drainage is usually the reason the grass dies off and moss grows on lawns. Poor drainage is usually the result of soil compaction and water logging and can be remedied by first removing the moss then coring and conditioning the soil.

  • When choosing the best suited lawn for your garden you need to consider a few things i.e. drought tolerance – how much water it needs, Shade tolerance – how much shade the grass will actively grow in, its wear factor i.e. is it dog proof, its tolerance to pests and disease and the ongoing cost of maintaining it. After answering these questions you are then ready to seek out the best lawn for your garden.

  • The cost to cut a lawn would depend on how much edging there was, how often it was cut, and the grass type that was being cut. It would therefore need to be quoted individually. With that in mind, the average price to cut a lawn would be about $30.00.

  • From experience, don’t leave the responsibility to the tenant. We can put in place a maintenance program to take care of every area of your garden from lawn, hedges, shrubs, Irrigation, winter pruning, weed spraying and many other facets of general gardening maintenance.
  • The most effective ways to control weeds in the garden are a combination of spraying small weeds, hand weeding larger weeds to prevent seed drop and mulching to suppress initial weed growth.
  • The average cost to keep a garden maintained would be about $55- 60 per fortnight. However, it would be subject to the garden type and waste removed from site.
  • We recommend Weathermatic controllers because they are well priced, easy to operate, have many special functions that save time and money.

  • Drippers are a low volume form of watering designed for trees and shrubs. They are usually fitted in to low density black poly tube near the shrub or tree that is being watered. Drip line in the brown poly tube that is used in landscapes and has a very sophisticated dripper inside of the poly tube. This dripline system is meant to cover the whole garden area providing a grid of drippers over the entire area. Drip line systems should be designed properly in order for it to operate properly. This includes correct operating pressure, vacuum breakers, flushing valves and correct configuration and lengths of pipework.

  • There could be many reasons why an apple tree does not produce fruit. If there is no fruit set after flowering, you may need a pollinator. The varieties that pollinate a Pink Lady are Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Red Delicious, try one of them. If it does set fruit feeding the tree with a complete fertiliser, mulching around the tree and keeping it well watered through summer. Should it set fruit, then drop it all, check the fruit for insect activity inside near core.

  • Usually when the leaves of a citrus tree yellow from the outside of the leaf it is usually a sign that the tree is iron deficient. This can be corrected by watering in chelated iron. It should be watered over the top of the tree, as the iron can be taken in through the foliage and through the root system.

  • The following varieties don’t require a pollinator: Morella, Lapins, Sir Don, Sunburst and Stella.

  • The black fungus on your orange tree is caused by the aphid or white fly that are sucking the chlorophyll out of the leaf of the tree, and excreting there honey due on the leaf, thereby setting up in the tree rich food almost pure sugar for a black fungal spore to hop into and proliferate. The solution is to spray the tree with eco-oil and get rid of the primary problem, the insects and that will solve the secondary problem the black fungus.

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