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Looking for a new challenge?
Want to be rewarded for the effort you put in?
Need more control of your work/life balance? A healthier happier working life?

If your head is nodding to those questions, have you ever considered yourself as a gardener delivering service excellence to your own client base?

The only thing that might be stopping you is a plan and a goal!

Passion & Branding

At Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care, we’re passionate about gardening and have developed a comprehensive gardening maintenance business model that has progressively changed over the years to reflect the needs of our customers, the requirement of a changing market, and the resources required by a competent and skilled gardener to provide a range of services to his or her clients.

Our brand messaging is clear, contemporary and different from all the other green trailers that predominantly provide lawn mowing services. Our ergonomically designed trailers ensure all tools are locked up out of sight, but are easily and safely accessed with the minimum of effort.

Our franchisee tools, machinery, uniforms, wet weather gear and P.P.E., are of the very best quality, allowing the operator to provide an excellent finish every time, with less effort, for many years.

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Training & Support

We realise having the right model is essential to thriving at the cutting edge of a competitive industry; however, we also understand the person driving the enterprise first requires the skill and expertise to make it happen.

Everyone is unique in how they learn new concepts, how long they take to grasp ideas, and people will inevitably have different levels of understanding prior to starting out. We have taken these factors into account. In fact, we’ve invested time and money putting together a training package that incorporates written manuals, complete with diagrams, and explanations that work in conjunction with the many hours of hands-on-training we provide for our franchisees.

After the fundamental training, we continue to mentor our franchisees for the first year while they move through each season encountering the specific work applicable to that season.

We start from the very basics, and then lead our trainee franchisees through the other aspects of gardening and turf management. We understand the importance of regular contact support and encouragement, and recognise it as an essential ingredient in nurturing a new franchisee to success.

All our franchisees are encouraged and supported in their own endeavours to further their education in the field of horticulture, and we work in conjunction with training organisations that provide nationwide recognised certificates.

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Why Choose Us?

So, why choose Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care over a lawn care business?

Allingtons is a full complete lawn and garden service. Our franchisees are able to offer a wide range of services to their clients; thus, providing a comprehensive package. The result? Satisfied, loyal clients.

Plus, our franchisees enjoy the following related benefits:

• interesting and fulfilling work,
• less time spent on travelling, and
• more time earning money and developing
closer business relationships with happy clients.

The result? A rewarding business one can be proud of.

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Our name is renowned in Adelaide for quality service and attention to detail and we intend to keep it that way going on into the future.

What’s more, you’ll receive training and mentoring from the man who developed the business and runs Allingtons.

Why not call David and have a no-obligation chat today?

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Return home to see all we offer or take a look at the services we provide. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

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