Your Irrigation System Letting You Down?


What’s the worst thing about investing in a garden irrigation system?


It’s the problems that develop over time … problems you can’t see!

These can be costly through excess water, wasted power or worse, a poor result for your garden.


Our 25-point irrigation check and report program will uncover these problems guaranteed.

We provide you with a written report within 48 hours of visiting your property … or it’s free!

Peace of mind for $149!

Call David now on 1300 556 687 to beat the heat.

David Allington, Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care (Blog Page)

David Allington

David is the owner of Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care. He has been in the horticultural industry for nearly two decades, and has pioneered an exciting gardening services business at the cutting edge of the industry. Through this site, he shares his knowledge and expertise. Return to the home page to view all on offer or drop us a line via the contact form.