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Our Services

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Allingtons services go beyond just mowing the lawn and removing the rubbish. Below we outline the services we offer.

Total Lawn & Garden Management  • Irrigation Restoration • Turf Rejuvenation

Total Lawn & Garden Management Systems

Set & Forget 4 Seasons Total Lawn & Garden Management Systems

Once we have comprehensively listed and articulated to you every aspect of your lawn and garden maintenance, we then tailor make a system of management to take care of everything.

We use our unique checklist so nothing is overlooked.

No surprises, no hidden costs; just lawns and gardens looking their best all year round.

We provide regular updates and reporting to keep you informed on the work we have carried out, and yearly growth reports to update you on the growth, establishment and continued development of the lawns and gardens.

We have found our landlords love our way we manage their gardens, even if they are living in another state or country. They are always kept informed on the care of their investment.

Get in touch and get back to enjoying your weekends but having a beautiful garden too!

Irrigation Restoration & Modification Programs

Irrigation Restoration & Modification Programs

 With 25 years of hands on experience as an irrigation technician, I have almost seen it all.

From this experience I have formulated a system I believe is second to no-one in the irrigation industry.

My unique 25-point irrigation inspection will uncover every deficiency in your irrigation system, and my report and diagnostic work will map a way back to restore your system to the efficiency and reliability that you can depend upon when you need it most.

Once we have undertaken the work required to restore your system, we return in 14 days to undertake our settling in check. On this visit, we check all connections to ensure there are no leaks in the system, check drip line and sprinklers systems, soil moisture and lawn soil profile. After this, we consult with the client to address any operational concerns or questions.

Following up from our settling in check date, we warranty the system for 12 months. This covers all our parts and the work we have undertaken. As our price is 100% fixed, there are no call out fees to undertake any after-install warranty work.

We call it, peace of mind guaranteed.

Turf Rejuvenation Systems

Turf Rejuvenation Systems

From our past knowledge and experience, we know there are many compounding factors that contribute to the decline of the health of your lawn.

To identify and start to correct the deficiencies, we must first start below the root system and look at the soil profile. This will allow us to examine the soil and find answers to determine the best action to take.

The best way to approach this analysis lies in our unique 17-point turf grass inspection checklist. Based on this, we report back to our client on the condition of their lawn and then outline a comprehensive remediation plan.

The specialised products we use are of the highest standard and bring to the table the latest products and resources, equivalent to what you would expect to see used on a professional golf course or a bowling green

Once our rejuvenation plan is under way, we communicate with our clients and follow up to measure the progress of their lawn’s recovery.

We have found in most cases, nearly all non-seeded lawns have the ability to be rejuvenated without re-planting. So, before you replace your lawn, get in touch today!