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Allingtons services go beyond just mowing the lawn and removing the rubbish. Below we outline the services we offer.

Turf Management • Pruning & Hedging • Irrigation Systems • General Gardening


We provide turf management services, from small residential properties to large commercial ride-on mowing jobs, but we do so much more.

We cover all the essential aspects of turf management such as:

  • how, when and what to use to fertilise your lawn
  • the supply and application of wetting agents to save water and drought proof your lawn
  • coring lawns to aerate the turf surface and oxygenate the biosphere beneath your lawn
  • scarifying or de-thatching lawns which helps by removing the thatch layer from the surface of the lawn. Although some thatch is beneficial to retaining some moisture, excess thatch prevents good drainage of water and can provide an ideal environment for bad fungal activity; particularly in winter, when summer-active turf grasses are dormant and prone to attack. Excessive thatch also makes mowing difficult when the turf surface becomes very spongy, causing the mower to scuff the lawn leaving a dry patch finish after mowing.
  • lawn renovation or rejuvenation which is usually the better option over replacement of the lawn, providing it has been established on a good base

We are also happy to assist you with any lawn problems you may be encountering, including lawn beetle treatment and lawn fungal problems that stop your green patch looking its best.

If you’re looking at establishing a new lawn, we can assist you with the right advice in selecting instant lawn for your specific needs. We’ll also help source the highest quality turf grass species, and provide the preparation and assistance with the grass laying.

So, if you are thinking of lawn mowing services but need more than a lawn mowing service call Allingtons Lawn & Garden Care for a cut above the rest.


When selecting a person for pruning fruit trees, ornamentals, roses or hedging plants, ensure they know what they are doing before you let them loose on your valued investment.

Allingtons Gardeners know this work must be carried out judiciously with precision and at the right time, to produce the best outcomes.

Pruning fruit trees must be carried out with care to ensure cuts are clean and the tree heals properly after limbs have been removed. Young fruit trees require formative pruning to ensure they develop the right shape and strength to support future weight from crops.

Fruit trees grown espalier can save space in the garden and also provide a living screen of fruit trees when looking at getting the most out of your space. However, some skill and regular training will be required.

When hedging plants, it is important to note that evergreen shrubs must not be hedged too hard as the result can be catastrophic causing the plant to look awful and sometimes never recovering from a thoughtless deed.

Growing a formal row of hedge plants into a hedge will require specific hedging to train the plant to grow thick and dense in order to provide a solid feature. As this is not a nature growth habit, hedge plants need to be trained from young to grow into this, as do your topiary plants.

Other plants love to be hedged hard preventing them getting too leggy or woody as with lavender, buddleia or Marguerite daisy bushes.

At times, all trees will need some pruning, even if it is just to remove the dead that has accumulated over the years, or removing disease or mistletoe from the tree, thereby improving the overall health of the tree.

Whatever your pruning requirements may be call us, our promise to you is to leave your living investment healthier than we found it.


I have heard many ask, “Is it worth all the trouble, this irrigation stuff?” Or, “Water is so expensive, how can I water anyway? It just costs lots more money to have a nice-looking garden.”

Is this truth or merely perception?

We believe it’s a wrong perception. These days with the low cost of technology, it does not have to cost a fortune to water an average size lawn and garden, providing your system is designed properly, and your water is managed professionally.

When this is achieved, time and money savings are almost guaranteed.

We can help design and install an irrigation system that works for your own personal requirements and manage it professionally to ensure your lawns and gardens always look fantastic.

Whether you are looking at installing pop-up sprinklers, geared drivers, drip line systems, or changing an irrigation controller, or need repairs or additions to your system, we’ve got you covered.

Speak to us about your irrigation system requirements. It could be as simple as a tap timer and some drippers … or as complex as a Weathermatic Smartline Air card that controls your entire watering system and outdoor lighting from your smart phone while you’re in Europe.

We will make water work for you in the most efficient way possible. That is our promise to you.


How many times have you looked for a gardener only to find a lawn mowing contractor deficient in the skills and disciplines of gardening?

Well your search is over. You have found a skilled and passionate team ready to take on your challenges and turn your garden into all you have dreamed it to be.

Whether it’s just cleaning up the leaves and dead plants, installing a gravel path, putting in some wine barrels with citrus trees growing in the background, or adding raised garden beds you can plant in, to enjoy your fresh greens, we can help—saving you the backache.

You may need soil, mulch or bark to tidy up the garden or improve your soil health. We can show you how to nurture your soil by feeding those precious microbes too.

Do you want to establish a small home orchard? We can prepare the soil on your site, look at the aspect, help you select trees that will grow well in your area, and of course choose your favourites. Plus, we’ll make sure they don’t all fruit on the same month. There are so many dwarf varieties of fruit trees now that may suit your plans for low maintenance and smaller tighter spaces.

We are planting trees and flowers all year round so the best time to plant is now.

So, now that you know the team that is passionate about gardening, why not give us a call and we can chat about your garden. We’ll provide some gardening tips, and see how we can work with you to make it the garden that works for you.

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